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This week in the weird and wonderful world of marketing, The Drum checked out BFree’s pop-up sandwich spa, where sandwiches made with the brands wheat and gluten free products were matched to a spa treatment.

Featuring treatments like ‘Roll Back The Clock’ and ‘A Slice of Energy’, the brand created the pop up with the help of Cow PR in the hope of showcasing “the unknown benefits” of its foods.

Louse Healy, brand manager at BFree Foods said: “The oats within our oaty loaf help with ceratone levels, so have great effects on the mind and your mood. So we thought having a mindfulness treatment was a really nice fit and it’s a fun play on some of our products.

“We thought [the spa] was just totally different, it’s quite disruptive as well. We wanted to create something a bit more holistic and lifestyle, not just a functional brand.”

Running in central London for three days, the pop-up offers five different treatments to accompany a sandwich of each persons choice. See how The Drum got on in the video above.