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Phelps: Natrol 'New York Times front page takeover'

Agency: Phelps
Client: Natrol
Date: March 2018
Melatonin brand Natrol is trying to take over Daylight Saving Time, at least for the readers of The New York Times. Come this Sunday (March 11), when people set their clocks forward, every visitor to The New York Times website will be greeted by versions of a takeover ad for Natrol Melatonin.
It’s part of an overall attempt by Natrol and agency Phelps to own events throughout the year that disrupt people’s sleep cycles.
Agency: Phelps
Client: Natrol
Tags: United States
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TBWA\Chiat\Day: Principal Financial Group 'Renovation'

Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day
Client: Principal Financial Group
Date: March 2018
This latest film from Principal's 'We Can Help You Plan for That' aims to shed light on the realities of aging to show the importance of planning for the unexpected.
'Renovation', which will debut on television later this fall, tells the story of a son trying to find a retirement or assisted-living facility for his aging father. After reviewing his investments with Principal, the son leverages his finances to build a guesthouse for his father to be close to the family. The gesture resembles when his father asked him to finish building the tree house behind his childhood home.
The ads aim to emphasize the importance of financial planning to deal with the unpredictable moments of life.
Principal Financial Group:
Elizabeth Brady, Chief Marketing Officer
Eva Sweet, Vice President - Global Center for Brand & Insights
Jason Hoyle, Vice President - Integrated Marketing & Customer Experience
Chris Bofinger, Senior Advertising Manager
TBWA\Chiat\Day, Los Angeles:
Renato Fernandez, Chief Creative Officer
Jason Karley, Creative Director
Elizabeth Daniel, Copywriter
Blair Seward, Senior Art Director
Brian O’Rourke, Executive Director of Production
Guia Iacomin, Executive Producer
Garrison Askew, Producer
Jennifer Nottoli, Managing Director
Pamela Lloyd, Brand Director
Caitlin Miller, Brand Manager
Sharon Hsu, Brand Manager
Annie King, Associate Brand Manager
Robin Rossi, Director of Business Affairs
Neil Barrie, Chief Strategic Officer
Emma Popping, Brand Strategist
Maggie Bonner, Junior Planner
Production Company: Park Pictures
Director/Director of Photography: Lance Acord
Executive Producer: Jackie Kelman Bisbee
Executive Producer: Scott Howard
Head of Production: Anne Brobroff
Line Producer / EP: Caroline Kousidonis
Editorial: Exile
editorial: EXILE edit
editor: Kirk Baxter
assistant editor: Zaldy Lopez
Senior Producer: Remy Foxx
Head of Production: Jennifer Locke
Executive Producer: CL Weaver
VFX / Finishing: A52
VFX Sup: Urs Furrer
Director of Production / Executive Producer: Kim Christensen
Executive Producer: Patrick Nugent
VFX Producer: Stacy Kessler-Aungst
Color: MPC
Colorist: Mark Gethin
Color Producer: Rebecca Boorsma
Associate Color Producer: Elyse Robinson
Sound Design + Mix: Lime
Executive Producer: Susie Boyajan
Mixer: Loren Silber
Assistant: Mark Nieto
Music: Barking Owl
CD/Partner: Kelly Bayette
Producer: KC Dossett
Composer: Houston Fry
Tags: United States
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TBD: Nokia 'Know Yourself'

Agency: TBD
Client: Nokia
Date: March 2018
Nokia and San Francisco-based agency TBD revealed an ad for the Steel HR hybrid smartwatch. It is part of Nokia's integrated campaign 'Know Yourself.'
The Steel HR is an activity tracker and heart rate monitor combined with smartwatch functionality, all while exhibiting the elegant look of a tradition timepiece. It can recognize more than 10 activities, including walking, running, swimming, and sleeping, and enables notifications from incoming text messages and phone calls. The campaign highlights the dynamic interaction between device and people, reinforcing Nokia’s main objective to help connect users to their health through personal and meaningful insights.
The campaign’s black and white 30-second spot depicts five diverse individuals performing a variety of everyday activities as the voiceover echoes a ticking clock, reminding us that when we open our eyes in the morning, splash water on our face or go for a run, the Steel HR can monitor our constant movements to provide ongoing, valuable awareness of our health. The watch’s various tracking features, such as heart rate, calories burned, and sleep cycles, are complemented by the feeling of being up close and personal with each action through each step of the day.
Client - Nokia Health:
Rob Le Bras-Brown, Global Head of Nokia digital health
Gemini Babla, Global Head of Marketing
Gunther Lie, Head of Brand and Creative
Vicki McRae, Head of Marketing North America
Lucie Broto, Head of Marketing EMEA
Brent Hall, Head of Digital
Morgane Descat, Product Manager
Mike Scott, Social Media Specialist
Emily Ostendorf, Senior Project Manager
Ashish Gupta, Head of Marketing Sourcing
Agency - TBD:
Rafael Rizuto, Chief Creative Officer
Virginia Wang, Chief Strategy Officer
Jordan Warren, Chief Executive Officer
Mark Krajan, Creative Director
Steve Mapp, Creative Director
Roz Romney, Creative Director
Matt Ashworth, Creative Director
Miranda Maney, Copywriter
Chris Masse, Art Director
Courtney Schnitzer, Account Director
Ben Latimer, Executive Producer
Gina Squara, Digital, Growth & Marketing Strategy
Jeff Burger, Digital Strategy & Analytics
JJ Gaines, Business Affairs
Production Company - Furlined:
Stuart Parr, Director
Diane McArter, President
David Thorne, Sr. Executive Producer
Jay Wakefield, Executive Producer
Ail Goldstone, Head of Production
Andrew Graham, Producer
Max Goldman, DP
Free Society:
Tony Dimarco, Executive Producer
Andy McLoed, Executive Producer
Blake Edwards, Production Manager
Kelsey Larkin, Production Coordinator
Marc Guspie, Assistant Director
Editorial - Beast:
Connor McDonald, Editor
Brandy Troxler, Additional Editing
Darren Orr, Finishing
Paul Coutu, Finishing Assistant
Jeff Bielat, Producer
Jon Ettinger, EP
Allied Motion Graphics:
Joe Macken, Motion Graphics
Andrew Bogenhagen, Motion Graphics
Gordon Wittmann, Producer
Photography - Bryce Duffy Photography:
Bryce Duffy, Photographer
Kevin Vu, Photographer Assistant
Digital Production - Giant Propeller:
Mike Bodkin, Executive Producer
Jordan Freda, Executive Producer
Lindsey Arnold, Producer
Yulia Shcherbinina, Project Coordinator
Tim Baldini, Creative Director
Sergio Cardenas, Art Director
Andres Barajas, Graphic Designer
Craig Aberman, Graphic Designer
Brian Hoffmann, Graphic Designer
Christina Smith, Graphic Designer
Conner Che, Graphic Designer
Mark Sudell, Graphic Designer
Ray Dougela, Photo Retouch
Boris Zhitomirsky, HTML5 Developer
Skender Beck, HTML5 Developer
Marco Mannoe, Copywriter
Audio Production - One Union:
Eben Carr, Mixer
Lauren Mask, EP
Ruby Biloskirka-Conley, EP
Composer: Sergey Wednesday
Remix: Paul Bessenbacher
Producer: Paul Schultz
Transcreation - Craft:
Toby Luther, Managing Director Craft Health
Sun Eo, Senior Project Manager
Vanessa Mokrab, Client Manager
Media Agency - Mediasmith:
John Cate, President & COO
Greg Pomaro, SVP Media Director
Marcus Pratt, VP Insights & Technology
Abraham Alegria, Associate Media Director
Cody Hazen, Media Supervisor
Tags: United States
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