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New entrants to The Drum Chip Shop Awards are invited to apply for an extension to be in the chance to take home the Grand Prix, a grand, as well as a coveted chip.

Copywriter Vikki Ross, who'll be judging this year's entries, called the The Chip Shop Awards the most fun competition. She said “It's where we get to express ourselves in a way we wish we could every day. Creativity without limits: no client, no guidelines, no legal, no restrictions - the stuff dreams are made of so it's a really brilliant excuse to do all the things you've always wanted to do for a brand you love.”

On being a creative, she said: “We need the freedom to breathe. It's important to remember why we got into this world and to continue to be inspired and have fun. Sometimes this doesn't come with a brief. Sometimes we need to make this happen ourselves, so we play, create and make on our own terms and then we put a renewed energy back into the day job for an even better result.”   

Fellow judge Paul Jordan, executive creative director at McGarryBowen, believes that everyone need to exercise their creativity and push ideas to the edge of what is possible and acceptable. He said: “It makes us faster, better and more familiar with thinking in creatively unusual ways. It develops a form of creative muscle memory. It sets our creative ambitions far higher than simply what’s buy-able.”

Jordan wants to see some game-changing creative that goes beyond business problems from this year’s entrants. He gave the example of Grey’s Life Saving Dot as a brilliant showcase of how a simple creative idea can tackle a real human issue and would like to see more of that.

Ross said she’s looking for smart creative ideas, not cheap jokes. “As a brand and TOV specialist, I'd love to see entries that respect the identity and personality of a brand, so the idea is really believable - so believable, it makes me think.”

The Drum Chip Shop Awards is a platform where anything and everything is allowed, with no rules or boundaries meaning the possibilities are endless. The entry deadline has passed but you can apply for an extension by contacting the awards team and be in with a chance to show of your skills to the world.