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Advertiser transparency, brand safety and viewability have failed to show any signs of improvement since January 2017, according to a new report which claims progress has largely stalled.

Media and advertising consultancy NewBase made its findings clear in its latest Marketing priorities Report which noted that strong words on making procurement less opaque had failed to translate into actions with 60% of industry professionals saying the had observed zero improvement on defining viewability standards.

This was compounded by the belief among 59% of marketers and advertisers that control over brand safety remains poor, exacerbating concerns of major advertisers such as P&G, which has been rapidly reining in digital media spend amid frustration that its concerns are going unheeded.

In all some 64% of marketers and advertisers said they believed that there have been no improvements to transparency over the past year, or that the situation has actually worsened.

Elsewhere, 59% of the industry said it believed that brand safety issues have shown no discernible improvement.

Simon Taylor, regional managing director EMEA at Newbase said: “There are no more excuses for anything but 100% transparency, and topics like this distract from the amazing developments in utilising technology and data in supporting brands in their journey innovation.

"The structures required to enable this are new and replace legacy trading desks that are still tracking media and not business KPI’s.”

The Incorporated Society of British Advertisers (Isba) has recently launched a new viewability standard, calling for brands to be given the facility to buy digital display ads in 100% view.