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Welcome to YouTube Re:View. This week, we look at Google's inspiring search trends on gender equality, learn about actress Jennifer Lawrence's alter ego, and find out what the "inclusion rider" clause is really about...

YouTube Re:View

#MeToo: Searching for gender equality on International Women’s Day

As you get your #MeToo and Time’s Up hashtags ready, this video by Google will fuel you up. To mark International Women’s Day 2018, Google has revealed its most searched trends around women. And boy are the results positive.

So, what are we searching for? Google’s data shows people are interested in knowing whether the top 1% of police officers, directors and legislators are women. People are also searching for when gender equality will happen and how to raise feminist family members. Truly inspiring stuff.  


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Everything you need to know about the “inclusion rider” principle

After 35 years of being in the movie-making business, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing actress Frances McDormand discovered the “inclusion rider” clause which actors can add to their contracts while negotiating. Fresh from winning the best actress award, she explained how it allows actors to ask for or demand at least 50% diversity in the casting and crew. Will this create a new movement? We can only live in hope.


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Jennifer Lawrence: ‘Don’t look drunk!’

Truth time: how many of you have alter ego names for your drunken selves? Actress Jennifer Lawrence does. In this humorous video, she tells chat show host Ellen how she can’t handle a holiday right now for fear of waking ‘Gail’ her drunk alter ego. Gail, according to her,  is a very “specific drunk who has a heart of gold” and mostly makes an appearance after drinking rum.


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The return of Mary Poppins

Julie Andrews, the original Mary Poppins warmed our hearts with her portrayal of a nanny that helps two neglected children get closer to their father. There's a new Mary Poppins in town, played by actress Emily Blunt. Get ready to watch the Devil Wears Prada actress to sing and dance with a flying umbrella. Not sure if she'll be wearing killer heels for this role. Will this new version cast its own magical spell? The verdict is out.


(View Counts - 5,065,692)*

Apple dazzles with visual performance in HomePod film

Apple puts on a showstopper in this Spike Jonze directed film, promoting Apple’s HomePod music system. Injecting the right tempo of energy, we see dancer and musician FKA twigs returning home from work looking dejected before turning on some music and dancing her way through rainbows taking her out of her sadness.


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YouTube Ads Global Leaderboard: IWD Special 

In this special edition, we’re recognising the brands engaging women with empowering messages across the globe. LG India captivates us with the story of a young girl who dreams of becoming an astronaut, while Nike and Special K celebrate strong female athletes. According to Pixability, last year female empowerment was the #1 cause featured in increasingly popular purpose-driven advertising. Plus, the study reveals that cause-related ads drive higher views and engagement rates. Serious girl power.

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YouTube Ads Global Leaderboard: IWD Special

Play YouTube's International Women’s Day trivia game

Learn more about inspiring female YouTube creators and empowering ads. Do you know which brand hit over 100M views with their heartwarming ad about a young girl with big career aspirations? Play Deja:View to find out more.

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Play our International Women’s Day trivia game

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