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Following on from its smashed-up 'Oops' posters, O2 has again turned out of home creative on its head with posters that look as though they’ve been shoddily taped to Clear Channel’s inventory.

The word ‘Stuck’ appears to have been written in masking tape on the posters, which in turn appear hastily tacked to the billboards’ chipboard bases.

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A miniature one-sheet poster has also been created for comical placement between two 48-sheet sites.

Devised by VCCP, the campaign aims to promote O2’s annual upgrade deal and forms part of the brand’s ‘Choose’ campaign. ‘Stuck’ is accompanied by the return of the ‘Oops’ billboards, which were first rolled out in September 2017.

Louise Stubbings, Clear Channel’s creative director, said: “The brilliant approach for the Oops campaign grabbed the attention of ad land, highlighting that there’s much life and creativity left in the classic outdoor formats and that the simple ideas are often the best."

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