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Before you can enter Docusign's San Francisco-based headquarters, you have to sign in, but not with the traditional pen and paper. Instead there's an iPad with a customized app to confirm with whom you are meeting, captures your email address and extracts a promise of non-disclosure via your electronic signature. Many Silicon Valley companies use a similar a tech-forward system; few do so as an unavoidable yet compelling demonstration of their actual business.

The reason for my visit to Docusign, a company whose e-signature applications are used by over 200 million worldwide, was to interview Scott Olrich, who promised a fresh perspective on the role of CMO. He did not disappoint. Believing strongly that marketing needs to put forth and drive a transformational vision, Olrich sited his work at Responsys, which he helped shift from an email company to a "marketing orchestration platform." Though he did not provide the details of the transformation he's initiating at Docusign, it was imminently clear that the company will soon provide much more than signature capture.

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