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In January, a friend asked me if I had heard about an Instagram account called Diet Madison Avenue that was trying to get men fired for sexual harassment. I followed briefly to see if it was something I could support and quickly realized how dangerous anonymous social media could be. I unfollowed. Then people started getting fired and I knew I had to do something.

I was lucky to find a group of like-minded women in the agency and production world to collaborate with. We decided to take on Diet Madison Avenue in the open letter we have published on our social media pages since these are our personal opinions and not the opinions of the companies we all work for. Many others, due to potential consequences from DMA or their employers, declined to publically sign their names despite their support for our message.

Diet Madison Avenue is creating a culture of fear. Men are afraid of ending up on a public list accusing them of sexual harassment without explanation. Women are afraid of being bullied by DMA for condemning the account and its practices. DMA is having a one sided conversation. It publically shames anyone who disagrees with their opinions. It further humiliates men who have been fired for reasons that are undocumented by the processes set forth by companiesadding pig noses to photos of them and reposting ad announcements with comments that further the damage to their reputations. This isn't the way to further women's positions in the workplace, and the many women I have been working with on this letter believes it hurts us in a serious way.

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