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Jason Taylor and Luka Tomac : Friends of the Earth 'Keepers'

Agency: Jason Taylor and Luka Tomac
Client: Friends of the Earth
Date: February 2018

'Keepers' is a photographic exploration of a diverse network of Friends of the Earth campaigners protecting nature across Europe.

It documents the efforts made by activists and volunteers to undo the damage done to Europe’s ecosystems by human activity.

From the fjords of Norway to the mountains of Bulgaria, its work to preserve biodiversity and reverse its devastating loss is captured in stunning photographs that illustrate the stories of these inspiring people – who truly are nature’s keepers.


Luka Tomac - Photographer -
Jason Taylor - Photogrpaher and Videographer -

Tags: Europe, Environment, environmental, charity, photography, digital, Content, case study
Jazz Ketibuah
Sarah Houlston
Peter Williams
Sally Boys
Emily Mott


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M&C Saatchi: Dorset Cereals 'Breakfast on the Slow '

Agency: M&C Saatchi
Client: Dorset Cereals
Date: February 2018

M&C Saatchi has unveiled an integrated campaign for Dorset Cereals targeting young urban families and encouraging them to slow down for breakfast.

The 30-second ad is set in a kitchen, with a woman talking to the camera about how breakfast has evolved into something we have on the go, or miss altogether. The ad continues in slow motion ending with the idea of taking the ‘fast’ out of breakfast.

M&C Saatchi and Dorset Cereals have developed a new digital-first communications strategy to increase premium appeal among young urban families and drive trial.


Client: Dorset Cereals
Agency: M&C Saatchi
Creative Directors: Matt Collier. Wayne Robinson
Group Chief Creative Officer: Justin Tindall
Account Director: Matt Hennell
Planner: Jasper Hunter
TV Producer: Angela Zabala
Production Company: Bare Films
Director: Gus Filgate
Executive producer: Helen Hadfield
DOP: Keith Goddard
Colourist: Daniel De Vue (Glassworks)
VFX supervisor: Chrys Aldred (nineteentwenty)

Tags: UK, digital, advertising
Dorset Cereals "Breakfast on the Slow"






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CheethamBell JWT: On the Beach 'Snow Stamp'

Agency: CheethamBell JWT
Client: On the Beach
Date: February 2018

In a spot of reactive marketing timed with recent weather disruption, CheethamBell JWT has used the ‘Beast from the East’ to show Mancunians how they could escape to the sun with

Using a snow stamp in and around the city to produce visuals for a tactical social campaign, the team used the event to remind the people of the Manchester that there are places in the world not beset by freezing winds and snow.


Writer: Aron Sidhu
Art Director: Steve Lownes, Graham Cheal
Creative Directors: Andy Huntingdon, Martin Smith

Tags: Manchester, advertising
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Suge Graphics: Koleoglou Family 'Perseos redesign'

Agency: Suge Graphics
Client: Koleoglou Family
Date: March 2018

The Koleoglou family has been producing olive oil for generations. With the business now passed down to the newer generation, it was decided that a new, modern design was required for company's packaging.

The main objective was to create a minimalist look for the packaging that would be modern, yet indicate the quality and origin of the Greek olive oil. This packaging will be first exhibited for Helexpo's Dedrop 2018 Exhibition and will remain after.

The main concept consists of three parts; the logo (top), the delphi epsilon (middle) and the meander (bottom). The meander, an ancient Greek pattern, represents the previous generation and their experience and wisdom. The Perseos logo is depicted underneath geometrical symbols used in ancient Greek amphorae, and used here in a contemporary setting. Last, the delphi epsilon (3E), used by the Delphi oracle, represents the human initiation in light and knowledge.

Tags: Greece, Branding, design, Graphic Design, packaging, packaging design, Print Design, print

TMW Unlimited: Dogs Trust 'Family Pawtraits'

Agency: TMW Unlimited
Client: Dogs Trust
Date: February 2018

TMW Unlimited has put real life families and their pooches at the heart of a new campaign for Dogs Trust, which aims to raise awareness of the problem of dog theft. The film highlights the shocking fact that there are 2,000 incidents of dog thefts from homes each year and urges viewers: "Let's keep the family pawtrait complete."

Various dog owners are shown having 'family pawtraits' taken, with their four-legged family member taking pride of place. When asked what their pets mean to them and to contemplate what it would be like if their dogs were stolen, the response is that it would be akin to an abduction of one of their family members. It is part of a wider campaign that Dogs Trust is running to encourage dog owners to keep your dog "safe, spottable and searchable". At the same time, the charity is urging the Sentencing Council to hand down sterner sentences for people found guilty of dog theft.

The video will run on social channels starting late February, backed with print and digital assets for use in Dogs Trust's owned channels. A photo album highlighting the gap that dog theft leaves in families is being sent to the Sentencing Council.


Creative Director: Jamie Coggans
Art Director: Brittony Collins
Copywriter: Fluff Higgins
Account Director: Anneli Shiel
Group Account Director: Jackie Bee
Agency Producer: Millie Campbell-Graham
Director/Production Co: Recipe
Editor/Post Production/Sound Design: Chris Moore/TMW Unlimited

Tags: UK, dogs trust, TMW Unlimited
Dogs Trust - Family Pawtraits

Recipe: Birds Eye 'Waffly Versatille'

Agency: Recipe
Client: Birds Eye
Date: February 2018

Served up with pulled pork or melted cheese, or even simply with fish fingers and peas, potato waffles are a beloved part of breakfast, lunch or dinner and have remained so since we first popped them on our plates. To further reignite the nation’s imagination of cooking with waffles, Birds Eye has revived its iconic Waffly Versatile advert, adding a modern, tasty twist while still staying close to the nation’s hearts.

Now 30 years on since the original, the new advert airs on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, ITV Player, Sky OnDemand and 4OD , with the catchy jingle from the 1980s, as iconic as ever, only now peppered with contemporary references for an Instagram-generation, including its suitability for vegan and gluten-free diets.

Whether served with avocado, tuna salad, eggs and bacon, or the much-loved Birds Eye dinner of fish fingers and garden peas, the advert inspires the nation to continue experimenting with everyone’s favourite waffles, and reignites a cult classic jingle for the well-loved meal staple, that is sure to get Brits, young and old, humming along.


Creative Agency: Recipe

Creative Director: Matt Waller

Creative Team: Steve Andrews and Ross Nance

Strategy Director: Dom Roe

Account Planner: Zack Rota

Account Directors: Misha Mantel and Briar Dye-Hutchinson

Account Manager: Sam Amponsah

Account Executive: Katie Nance

Content Manager: Richard Green

Director: Michael O'Kelly

Producer: Pete Roe

Editor: Mitchell Young

Graphics: Paul Thompson


Tags: UK, birds eye

Ogilvy & Mather London: Vodafone 'Coming Soon...'

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather London
Client: Vodafone
Date: March 2018

Vodafone UK has launched the next instalment of its marketing campaign with Martin Freeman, offering eagle-eyed viewers a discount off Google Home products. The campaign highlights Vodafone’s pledge to deliver home broadband customers a guaranteed minimum speed.

The TVC begins with a spaceman floating through space, trying to make his way back to a space station before his oxygen depletes. The camera angle then switches to reveal Freeman is playing an online spaced-themed game. Unfortunately, Martin loses connection at the most crucial part of the game, much to the disappointment of his friend who is left abandoned in outer space. 

Working with WPP's Team Red and Framestore, the studio famous for its visual effects work, the advert incorporates computer-generated graphics of the space station and a fully CG astronaut.  British composer, music producer and songwriter Peter Raeburn composed the music and featured 54 musicians as part of the final recording.

Attentive viewers of the TV advert can try to spot a hidden six digit code which will give them  a 20% discount off Google Home products. The TVC launches on Friday 2 March and will feature in primetime shows such as Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway, The Voice and Celebrity Bake Off.  The rest of the integrated campaign will feature across above the line, out of home, social, radio, press and digital executions.


Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Advertising

Chief Creative Officer: Mick Mahoney

Creative Directors: Richard Barrett and James Manning

Agency producer: Kim Parrett

Managing Partner: Jon Tapper

Business Director: Katharine Easteal

Account Manager: Tania Zorrilla

Account Executive: Amy Dooley

Planning Partner: Sandie Dilger

Planner: Charlotte Walters

Production company: Biscuit Filmworks

Director: Jeff Low

Producer: Sam Chitty

Editor: Work Editorial

Production company: Framestore

Creative Director: Jordi Bares

VFX Supervisor: Chris Redding

Colourist: Steffan Perry

Producer: Josh King

Sound Studio: Soundtree

Soundtrack Composer: Peter Raeburn

Sound design: Henning Knöpfel

Producer: Jay James

Talent Agency: Talent Republic

Tags: UK