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Alexa users across America are complaining about the smart assistant being unresponsive.

Alexa’s unresponsiveness caused an outrage on social media.

An Alexa user @BeeLeevMee on Twitter tweeted to Amazon Echo: "Alexa not working on my EchoDot. Keeps saying “Sorry I am having trouble playing music” or “Sorry I don’t know what went wrong”. I am freaking out. "

While another user @MakerFun3D wrote: "My Alexa was not working this morning, either.  Considering a lot of pieces of my house are connected to it that is kind of a pain."



The news comes after Amazon’s recent Super Bowl ad which featured Alexa losing her voice and Amazon's founder Jeff Bezos enlisting celebrity replacements for her.

Amazon had not commented on the problem at the time of writing. 

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