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Welcome to our YouTube Re:View. This week we find out who’s on the guest list for the big royal wedding in May. Also get an insight into rapper Drake’s softer side and see Stephen Fry opening up to his fans.

YouTube Re:View

Meghan and Harry: when two become one

For months fans were eagerly anticipating Prince Harry and Suits actress Meghan Markle’s engagement – and the big reveal did not disappoint. Fans are now speculating who will get the coveted invitations. We can confirm we know one famous female band on that guest list.

Mel B ‘aka Scary Spice’ unwittingly revealed on ‘The Real’ show that she will be attending the Royal Wedding alongside her fellow bandmates. Seeing everyone’s excitement did not dispel the singer’s sense of regret about the reluctant reveal – perhaps she is wondering whether all future Royal Family invites will now be off the table?


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Drake shows his generous side

When Drake is not partying, he is giving. In his ‘God’s plan’ video, fans can catch a glimpse of the magnanimity of the big-hearted Canadian rapper when he decides to give away $999,631.90 of his music label’s budget – to the people that need it.

A beaming Drake can be seen supporting local communities, when in supermarkets he asks people to buy whatever they want to their heart’s desire.

If you missed Drake’s dancing in his infamous ‘Hotline Bling’ video, you can see more of it here. Also, look out for the lady that falls off a step in disbelief when she sees the famous star sitting next to her family.


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Manchester United makes it official with YouTube

Drum roll ….. this is the beat every football fan has been waiting for. The world’s most famous football club, Manchester United has its official YouTube channel. Fans will be able to see plenty of video-content and behind-the-scenes footage of the players -- a true insight into the club. The only question is: what took them so long?


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Stephen Fry reveals prostate cancer diagnosis

Stephen Fry opens up to the public about why he has been away from the public eye. In this candid video, he takes fans through the journey of his prostrate cancer prognosis and how he has been handling it ever since. He admits to being lucky to have wonderful people around him and offers advice to men to get themselves checked out. The nation is rallying for his speedy recovery.


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Play Deja:View: Got Oscar-winning knowledge?

Test your knowledge of the biggest Oscars trends on YouTube in this special edition of Deja:View. Do you know which celebrity’s acceptance speech has the most views? Or who was the most popular host? Let’s play Deja:View and see if you’re right! GAME ON.

Play Deja:View: Got Oscar-winning knowledge?

YouTube Ads Leaderboard: Oscar Edition 

Ahead of the awards on Sunday, this special Oscars Ads Leaderboard ranks the Best Picture trailers by popularity. According to an Ipsos study**, 78% of YouTube users agreed that watching trailers and clips on YouTube helps them decide whether to go to the movies. So, it’s no surprise that the Ads Leaderboard’s top two trailers also happen to be the highest-earning among the nominees.

YouTube Leaderboard: Oscars Edition

(*all view count numbers, correct at time of publication)

(**Ipsos, May 2017)

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