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Dutch supermarket chain Ekoplaza has placed itself on the leading edge of a global movement to banish plastics after introducing what it describes as the world’s first plastic-free aisle.

Devised in tandem with design studio Made Thought and environmental campaigners A Plastic Planet, the novel approach has grouped together over 700 plastic-free products for the first time to enable shoppers to more easily salve their consciences.

All these products will brandish plastic-free branding to serve as a readily identifiable symbol of the absence of plastic, with natural bio-materials employed as packaging instead.

Made Thought founding partner Ben Parker said: "Design can never be truly progressive unless it changes behaviour. Plastic Free Aisles offer a vision of the future that consumers can get on board with. They demonstrate that going plastic-free does not mean forsaking choice, convenience or quality. Instead, going plastic-free enhances all those things.”

Ekoplaza has pledged to introduce plastic-free aisles across all 74 of its Dutch stores by the end of the year.

Coca-Cola is also waging war against plastic after joining the 'World Without waste' recycling campaign.