Monday, October 3, 2022

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    LEGO launches global ‘Do not disturb playtime’ campaign


    LEGO, in a bid to raise awareness and help parents carve out the time for their children, has launched a 21-day global “Do not disturb playtime” campaign. According to LEGO, 21 days is what it takes on average to break a habit, so for 21 days the LEGO team will not post on social media during "toddler playtime", defined as 5am-8pm.

    The purpose of the campaign is to encourage parents to put their phone away during playtime, and instead immerse themselves in some quality playtime with their young ones.

    “We know parents today feel more time-starved than ever before, juggling careers with personal time and parenting. Many feel guilty over not spending as much time with their little ones, as they would like. Through the ‘Do not disturb play time’ campaign we hope to re-assure parents that it’s not so much the amount of time they spend with their kids, but the small meaningful moments they create and connect over during play. This campaign is intended to inspire parents and create awareness of the importance of taking playtime seriously”, said Steffen Jensen, LEGO Group senior marketing director, Pre-school.

    “While we are all hooked on our cell phones, we should think about turning them off when interacting with our young children. Kids learn so much from us and we don't want to get in the way of that,” said Roberta Golinkoff, PhD: Professor, School of Education, University of Delaware.

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