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Welcome to our weekly roundup of YouTube Re:View. This week we witness The Queen crash London Fashion Week, comedian Jack Whitehall showcase his best teaching skills and Stranger Things star Natalia Dyer get wooed by singer James Bay.

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Dua Lipa gives ladies a new ‘rule’ book for men

Why write a self-help book when you can just sing it? New queen of pop Dua Lipa has a lot to celebrate. Her single ‘New Rules’ has become the 100th YouTube video to hit one billion views. In the song she advises her best female friends to set standards for their relationships and follow certain ‘rules’ (you guessed it) to avoid getting hurt. A true guidebook recommendation for women wanting some assertive power.

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James Bay gives Stranger Things star Natalia Dyer wild love

British singer songwriter, James Bay looks very solemn in his music video inspired by the likes of major artists Prince and Frank Ocean.  We see him declaring his maddening love to Stranger Things star Natalia Dyer in the middle of blue butterflies fluttering about. Step aside Marvin Gaye, this is the new smooth track designed to serenade the ladies.

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Kylie Minogue sparkles in her new country-themed song

Arguably the hardest working woman in the music industry, Aussie singer Kylie Minogue goes for a new country sound in her new song ‘Dancing’ –  a prelude to the release of her upcoming album ‘Golden’. Fans can see her line dancing with an ensemble of glittery dresses and a sparkling guitar to match.

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The Queen crashes London Fashion Week

Looking trendy, The Queen decided to appear at The London Fashion Week – her first ever appearance. Of course, she was given front row next to the (unusually smiling) US Vogue editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour. Her Majesty was dressed to kill – sporting a pale blue skirt suit and black gloves.

In a surprise twist, it was a revealed that the 91-year-old Queen Elizabeth was not there just for thrills but to present a award for British Design to Richard Quinn (who looked pretty chuffed).

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Jack Whitehall Teaches His Dad About YouTube

Every kid that’s ever tried to teach their parents about the intricacies of technology will be able to relate to this video. English comedian and presenter Jack Whitehall attempts to teach his dad how to subscribe to his YouTube channel. Watch this humorous video to see how he tackles his frustration explaining how to navigate the internet with ample warnings comprising of: ‘Do not touch the history button!’ We wonder what Jack is hiding.

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Creator Spotlight

Global Womanhood | AW18

?Rising stars, British fashion designers Teatum Jones showcased this beautiful short film at London Fashion Week. The story? They asked 25 women from various backgrounds, across the globe, three questions. In spite of their differences, the women were united by their moments of intense joy, sadness and hope. The designers have become huge advocates of 'human stories' and put them at the heart of everything they do. Watch the film plus the recording from their fashion week show. Warning: You might fall deeply in love with everything in their AW18 collection and want to pre-order everything. Just saying.

Global Womanhood | AW18

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