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Motorcycle Engine Oil’s brand Total has created a digital video series "Ride For Legends" to highlight how few Indians are helping improve the society.

The campaign conceptualised by WATConsult is live on Facebook and features stories of individuals like Aarti, a resident of Mumbai, who has made it her mission to provide education to underprivileged children; Siddharth, a 16 years old who has massively impacted the lives of 1200 BMC employees; Pratima Devi who single-handedly built a big kennel for stray dogs and Gangadhar Tilak who took matters in his own hands and tried to bring about a change. 

Rajiv Dingra, founder and chef executive officer (CEO), WATConsult said: “The objective behind creating, ‘Ride For Legends, was to be in sync with the core philosophy of the brand which is to provide absolute performance and smoothness to make the ride enjoyable for the everyday biker. The campaign, in an interesting way captures the beauty of our country and also the small yet big initiatives that people like us take to help build our country” 

Gayatri Ojha, vice president (marketing and corporate communications, CSR) Total Oil India, said: “Through Total Hi-Perf Ride for Legends we aim to enhance our presence and engagement through the digital medium. Total Hi-Perf Ride for Legends is an interactive composition of branded content, which will target the auto enthusiasts & everyday riders. The campaign will also bring to life how the product not only provides protection, absolute performance and smoothness to the bike’s engine but also ensures a joy of riding for the biker. 

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