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Eponym. Feel free to Google it. Though not an everyday term, it is the ultimate acknowledgement of cultural acceptance. Eponyms like FedEx, Kleenex, Jacuzzi, Band-Aid, Scotch Tape and Chapstick all continue to lead their respective categories. But others like Formica, Bubble Wrap, Plexiglas, Popsicle, Realtor, Windbreaker, Novocain, Dumpster, Stetson and even Ping Pong have long lost their original corporate association and distinctiveness as a brand.

And then there's Xerox. The Google of its day, Xerox is among the few eponyms that is both noun and verb, having pioneered photocopying and related printing activities. This famous legacy presents an enormous challenge, one that Chief Marketing Officer Toni Clayton-Hine tackled in a story-centric campaign called "Project: Set the Page Free." As you learn in our interview below, Clayton-Hine enlisted 14 noteworthy authors to tell stories, in writing, at events and on videosstories that ultimately helped inspire a broader perspective on what it means to "Xerox something" in 2018.

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