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TDA Boulder: Hapa Sushi 'End of the World'

Agency: TDA Boulder
Client: Hapa Sushi
Date: February 2018
Restaurant chain Hapa Sushi is utilizing unedited Trump tweets to remind people to enjoy a good delicious meal while we all still can.
The campaign, created by TDA_Boulder showed diners original tweets from president Donald Trump with the message: “Eat well before it all ends.”
TDA_Boulder’s executive creative director, Jonathan Schoenberg said: “Unfortunately, our president is Trump. Fortunately, he makes a joke out of himself so we don’t have to. We decided to use his tweets as a scary indication that the world as we know it might end under his power. But, let’s eat some really good sushi before it does.”
Client: Hapa Sushi
Agency: TDA_Boulder
Art Director- Ande Eich
Copywriter- Zola Owsley, Donald Trump
Creative Directors: Jeremy Seibold, Alex Rice
Executive Creative Director: Jonathan Schoenberg
Director Client Services: Christi Tucay Clark
Assistant AE: Martha Powers:
Account Coordinator: Brook Hemze
Media Director: Samantha Johnson
Media Supervisor: Heather Lee
Tags: United States, advertising
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: Save the Children 'War is Redefining Childhood'

Client: Save the Children
Date: February 2018
More than 15% of the world’s children live within 30 miles of a conflict zone. This is one of the key findings from a new report Save the Children is releasing.
In combination with the global report launch on Feb. 15, Save the Children is partnering with on its 'Word of the Day,' sending out an SOS for the more than 357 million children who live in conflict zones around the world. will also feature two quotes from Save the Children’s president and chief executive Carolyn Miles for their 'Quotes of the Day'.
Words like “home” and “playground” take on a different meaning for these kids. To illustrate this, Save the Children’s in-house creative team created a series of images highlighting the “re-definitions” of several words as if from the perspective of children living in conflict. What does it mean for a child when war changes their understanding of family or of school?
The report also includes rankings of the most dangerous countries for children in conflict. Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia top the list. An executive summary and full draft of the embargoed report can be found here.
Tags: United States
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