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Johnnie Walker has brought together seven Indonesian artists from six cities in Indonesia, giving them the challenge of reimagining its iconic Striding Man, into pieces of art as a celebration of marking every step in the journey of personal progress.

The artists working on this art collaboration are Muklay, an illustrator and Elsa Diora, a collage artist, from Jakarta, Hardthirteen, a graphic designer from Bandung), and graffiti artists Dnztwo from Bali, Onggoo from Medan, Daske from Surabaya and Ruge from Yogjakarta.

They were chosen because they all had a personal story of success, pursuit of passion and love for their city, which lends a distinctive artistic lens to each Striding Man.  

These seven stunning “Mark Your Step” Striding Man statues will be installed in licensed outlets across the country starting with Jenja in Jakarta, followed by South Bank, Bandung, Foreplay Surabaya, Vi Ai Pi Bali, Retrospective Medan, Boshe Yogyakarta and Leon Jakarta.

“Indonesia is recognised globally as a dynamic hub of creativity and innovative-thinking fuelled by a desire to give back to the community,” said Adrienne Gammie, assistant chief representative officer for Diageo in Indonesia.

“As a brand with personal progress as our purpose, Johnnie Walker is very excited to recognize this evolution of progress for Indonesians today and we believe it is the perfect moment for Indonesians to celebrate every achievement in their journey of progress.”

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