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Big Block Capital, a creative services group, has announced a strategic investment in Ripplebox, an experiential marketing company that specializes in live broadcasting.

Ripplebox, best known for producing the live Snickers’ 2017 Super Bowl spot starring Adam Driver, also does live content experiences for major brands and cultural events such as the Emmys and Grammys. It has worked to integrate brands like American Express, Target and Bud Light with talent like Kevin Hart, Gwen Stefani and Katy Perry.

Big Block said in a statement that it is “making big bets that transcend the traditional agency role in the media marketplace, offering a creative and entertainment development suite aimed at offering multidimensional capabilities to develop and deploy intellectual property across platforms.”

Some of the bets Big Block has made include investing in TV4 Entertainment, the linear programming platform to Enterra Solutions, establishing an eSports practice, and producing two feature films in the last year. To supplement these moves, Big Block added former Leo Burnett exec Tom Flanagan to its team as its chief content and innovation officer, who will be working with Ripplebox’s Blake Morrison and Big Block’s Seven Volpone.

“Seven and the Big Block team are building something truly unique in today’s shifting media and technology climate,” said Ripplebox founders Jeff Bransford and Blake Morrison. “As a creative services studio and media technology incubator creating award winning content, compelling live experiences, and innovative new media technologies, our team’s proven live production experience adds a new dimension to Big Block’s growing service offerings.”

Ripplebox has had success in producing for major events, but the founders have seen a space for live brand experience becoming an everyday experience. As a result, the team is seeing themselves uniquely positioned to work with brands and agencies “for the most part, because of our understanding of live production, platforms, and how to use live video to engage consumers for brands both big and small on a consistent, even daily basis.”

One of Big Block's more recent executions was with ESPN’s CreativeWorks division for YouTube TV, a spot that took viewers from an NBA game straight into the living room of Golden State Warrior Draymond Green.

ESPN CreativeWorks: YouTube TV 'YouTube TV | Draymond Green/ESPN'

Agency: ESPN CreativeWorks
Client: YouTube TV
Date: February 2018
Client: YouTube
Josh Barth: Product Marketing Manager, YouTube
Angela Courtin :Global Head of YouTube TV and Originals Marketing
Chloe Getting: Associate Product Marketing Manager, YouTube TV
Matt Ross: Global Head of Brand and Creative Marketing, YouTube
Caroline Kutler: Sports Content Partnerships, YouTube
Bradley Okamoto: YouTube Marketing Manager Strategy & Operations
Agency: ESPN CreativeWorks
Sr. Director:    Brian Price
Creative Director:  Jamie Overkamp
Writer Producer:    Justin Swiderski
Production Coordinator: Courtney Budenholzer
Coordinator: Stefan Carter
VP Affiliate Marketing Acct. Mgmt.: Kimberly Wilson
Associate Director, Sales & Marketing:  Matthew Cheron
Associate Director Affiliate Marketing: Allison Ross
Talent: Draymond Green 
Aliens: Laverne & Shirley 
Content Production Studio: Big Block
Director: Vincent Peone 
Managing Director: Kenny Solomon
Chief of Content & Innovation Tom Flanagan
President                                  Doug Scott   
Executive Producer/Live Action Geno Imbriale
Line Producer  Kelly Christensen 
DP  Mark Plummer
CTO Albert Soto
Executive Creative Director Curtis Doss
Creative Director Robin Resella 
Sr. VFX/Post Producer  Sabrina Mance-Weinstein
VFX Supervisor  John Cherniack
VFX Coordinator  Jesse Looney
Editor  Andrew Anderson
Lead Flame Artist Rod Basham
Flame Artist:  Rob Ufer
Flame Artist: Phil Man
Assistant Editor  Louis Cohen
VFX Artist Andy Bryne 
Nuke Artist Erik Werlin
3D Tracking Joe Chiechi  
Lead Designer/Animator Ricky Elizondo 
Designer/Animator Jeremiah Ferrell 
Cell Animator Dylan Spears
Sound Design and Mix Waterfront Sound
Tags: United States
Draymond Green plays a real-life warrior in an YouTube TV spot promoting ESPN content on the platform

According to Morrison, that seamless experience between network and brand “is no longer a like to have it, but has become a must have. I like to think our clients see us as an insurance policy that they can rely on.” 

“Ripplebox has a proven model where its takes a non-invasive approach to building natural experiences that not only fit but shape culture,” said Big Block founder Volpone. “If you can’t authentically engage with the audience you reach, then they’re turned off and attention is wasted. Blake and his team truly get that, and I’m excited to incorporate Ripplebox into Big Block’s expanding multi-platform creative suite for brands."