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BBC will be recreating its popular police and crime dramas for Asian audiences as sales to the region of BBC dramas have increased fourfold in the past five years.

According to The Times, the BBC will dispatch “flying producers” to Seoul and Mumbai to ensure that the adaptations stick to the spirit of the originals - something that did not necessarily occur with American adaptations of the Office and Life of Mars.

As part of the deal, BBC will remake Luther and Life on Mars for South Korean television and the award-winning Criminal Justice with an Indian cast.

David Weiland, BBC Worldwide’s executive vice-president for Asia said: “Our storylines tend to be different and grittier.

“Mystery and crime are genres that haven’t been as well developed locally as they have in the UK.”

The BBC’s drive to distribute its content internationally has already proven hugely successful after the New Year special episode of Sherlock topped box offices in Asia in 2016.