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In 2017, Miami-based David's daring and creative zeal led it to some strange and interesting places.

For Burger King, it turned several real fires at BK stores into a print campaign reminding consumers of its flame-grilled offerings, and it created the press-generating "Google Home of the Whopper" campaign that used a simple 15-second TV spot to prompt virtual assistants to deliver Whopper monologues. After both initiatives earned a Cannes Lions Grand Prix, David kept the burger buzz going with a moving campaign about bullying filmed in an actual BK. In it, both a high school junior (played by an actor) and a Whopper Jr. were "bullied"the burger basically smashed to bitsto see which one generated more complaints from real-life customers.

But great work was hardly limited to the fast-food chain. For Kraft Heinz, for instance, David "borrowed" from "Mad Men" by executing Don Draper's failed pitch for a ketchup campaign that showed how certain foods, like fries and steak, are "incomplete" without a dollop of the sauce. The tagline (as was Draper's): "Pass the Heinz."

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