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Scott Abraham, a former senior vice-president of marketing at NBC Universal, was reportedly sacked from his post last November for "inappropriate conduct", with Variety saying that the studio had uneatherd a widespread "cultural problem" within its marketing department.

More recently this saw the exit of Seth Byers, executive vice-president of creative strategy and research, whose departure coincided with a decision to place president of marketing Josh Goldstine on administrative leave.

Citing sources within Universal, Variety has linked all of these movements to wider malaise within the studio’s marketing department, although the precise nature of the allegations has not been made public by either Universal or Abraham.

In the case of Byers and Goldstine Universal cited "multiple allegations" that were "credible and indicative of an unacceptable climate" which forced its hand amid concern that the department had become a "hostile environment for female employees".

Addressing staff directly in a memo Universal’s chairman of filmed entertainment Jeff Shell together with Universal Pictures chairman Donna Langley wrote: “Our highest priority is to provide a working environment where every employee feels heard, seen and safe.

"We commend the people who have had the courage to come forward. We have no tolerance for harassment or other disrespectful behavior, and we will be taking any necessary steps to ensure that actions that violate our core values are dealt with swiftly and decisively.”

In an effort to get back on the front foot Universal has begun compulsory harassment training within its motion picture group, part of wider industry efforts to get its house in order following the #MeToo movement.