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Amazon India has announced new categories for sellers under its Local Finds program to expand its reach.

Sellers will now be able to sell in new categories such as mobile & computer accessories, fashion, home, kitchen, pets, beauty, health, appliances, sports, toys, garden, bags & luggage, media and industrial products.

To start selling in these new categories, sellers have to simply log in using the shopping app. 

Mahendra Nerurkar, director, Amazon Pay said: “The expansion of our Local Finds program is aimed at empowering sellers to locally sell products across various new categories and reach more customers. This is in line with our objective of providing our sellers with the best opportunities to grow and our customers with the widest selection to choose from.

"With Local Finds, we aim to seamlessly connect sellers and buyers, help them quickly list and discover each other’s products and transact tension free with delivery, payments and customer service facilitated by Amazon.”

Amazon is also set to introduce b2b delivery service in latest disruption move.