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Unilever Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Keith Weed has gotten tougher on big digital platforms but he's not ready to go cold turkey on the Google-Facebook duopoly just yet.

His threat to stop doing business with media that "breed division in society or fail to protect children" in yesterday's speech to the IAB leadership meeting isn't an ultimatum with a firm deadline, he says in an interview with Ad Age. But he isn't giving social media forever to make things right, either.

Think of it this way: Weed is also in charge of Unilever's sustainability program. When Greenpeace sent folks in gorilla suits to scale the company's London headquarters in 2008 over it using palm oil that led to deforestation, Unilever didn't go cold turkey on producers who clear-cut rainforests overnight. Its goal is to use 100-percent third-party-verified sustainable palm oil by 2019, while steadily weaning itself off questionable ingredients in the meantime.

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