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This one has legs: No Nonsense, the legwear brand owned by Kayser-Roth Corp., has named Huge its agency-of-record following a review. The Greensboro, N.C.-based accessories company will work with Huge's Atlanta office on creative, strategy, communications and media as it strives to better communicate its 42-year-old brand with younger consumers in a digital age.

While No Nonsense sells primarily through wholesale channelsconsumers can find the brand's pantyhose, socks and tights at most drugstores and grocery storesthe brand is trying to better establish its ecommerce site and spread the word that it's more than just a pantyhose brand. More than 50 percent of its sales come from socks, in fact.

"We realize [our customer] is not shopping in the traditional channels that her mom and her grandmother shopped in," says Andrea Angelo, senior marketing director at Kayser-Roth. "While we're only a drugstore or a grocery store away, a lot of times she's not even getting there."

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