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Ratings for NBC's presentation of the 2018 Winter Olympics have been higher than the network had anticipated when it began negotiating with advertisers looking to buy time in the 18-night spectacle, and as such the ad sales team has some bonus available inventory on its hands.

Speaking to reporters in a Tuesday afternoon conference call, NBC Broadcasting & Sports Chairman Mark Lazarus said the Olympics ratings "increased our capacity in ways we did not expect." As a result, NBC is freeing up some of the commercial time it had held back as a hedge against possible makegoods.

"We are on a pace right now where the inventory we held aside for potential under-delivery of our estimates is not going to be needed," Lazarus said, adding that NBC has "a few million dollars" worth of inventory it had salted aside for makegoods that it can now sell to "advertisers who came in with smaller buys and who want to buy up" or, perhaps, newcomers who approached the PyeongChang Games with a wait-and-see attitude.

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