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It looks like more laughs are coming to Super Bowl LII. "Saturday Night Live's" Bill Hader will star in Pringles first-ever Super Bowl commercial, Jessica Wohl reports. The spot will highlight the idea of stacking various flavors of the snack to create unique flavor combos. Bacon-wrapped jalapeno popper anyone?

Going away

GoDaddy is foregoing the Super Bowl this year and instead will sponsor race-car driver Danica Patrick's final races before she goes into retirement. GoDaddy had been known for its raunchy and risqu ads before it revamped its marketing strategy in 2013. CMO Barb Rechterman said GoDaddy is skipping the game in favor of more long-term opportunities. That may be true, but GoDaddy's more recent Super Bowl ads have been less memorable than its raunchier tactics. Last year, GoDaddy brought the internet to life with a spot filled with nods to the web's greatest hits. While it sat out of the 2016 game, in 2015 it stirred up some controversy with its lost-puppy ad depicting a puppy being sold online. It ultimately pulled that spot and replaced it with a much more mundane commercial featuring a guy working at a desk and a voice over.

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