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President Trump's much-hyped Fake News Awards came so late in the day on Wednesdaysee Angela Doland's take on them in today's Ad Age Wake-Up Callthat he missed getting them included on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" (which is taped before a live studio audience, but doesn't actually air live). But that didn't stop Kimmel from bringing on CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer via satellite to accept a "Dishonest & Corrupt Media Award"a trophy topped by a child's fist with a raised middle finger (which was blurred out on air). Sadly, the truth is that not only was the trophy fake, but Blitzer was fake. Jimmy Kimmel quickly outed him as his dad, James Kimmel.

Added bonus: When Rachel Maddow joined Fake Wolf Blitzer on the (fake) satellite feed, Jimmy Kimmel outed her too. "That's not Rachel Maddow, that's my mother!" (Joan Iacono Kimmel) "That's mom!"

"Not tonight it isn't," James Kimmel responded. "Come on, Rachel, let's go home and howl at the wolves."

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