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Nestl will sweeten Japan's Valentine's Day with ruby-chocolate KitKats, choosing one of the world's most candy-obsessed markets for the debut of the first new type of natural chocolate in more than 80 years.

Nestl struck a deal with Zurich-based Barry Callebaut, the developer of ruby chocolate, giving it exclusive rights for six months to the breakthrough product with a pinkish hue and a natural berry flavor that's sour yet sweet. The ruby chocolates go on sale at KitKat boutiques in Japan and South Korea as well as online beginning Thursday, ensuring chocolate lovers will have access to the treat before the Feb. 14 holiday.

While Japan has seen many colors and flavors for KitKats before -- its penchant for eccentric flavors such as wasabi or Hokkaido melon has attracted both locals and tourists -- this is the first time ruby chocolate is going on sale since Barry Callebaut announced the innovation in September.

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