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Facebook is expanding a U.K. investigation into possible interference by Russia ahead of the country's 2016 election to exit the European Union, after facing pressure from lawmakers who were unsatisfied with an earlier probe by the social media company.

Facebook and Twitter previously told U.K. lawmakers that they found minimal use of their platforms compared to the more comprehensive Russian misinformation campaign ahead of the U.S. presidential election. The companies reached that conclusion by analyzing accounts U.S. intelligence officials said were used during the American election. British policy makers have pressed the companies to investigate further to see if Russia had used other methods on social media to influence the important EU vote.

"We are committed to making all reasonable efforts to establish whether or not there was coordinated activity similar to that which was found in the U.S. and will report back to you as soon as the work has been completed," Facebook's policy director, Simon Milner, said in a letter Wednesday to the members of a House of Commons panel investigating the use of social media to spread misinformation ahead of the EU referendum.

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