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It's an edgier take from Kind, but the overall idea doesn't stray too far from other campaigns. Kind, which got a minority investment from Mars in late 2017, likes to position itself as a challenger to established brands, and often calls out competitors when announcing its own products. Last year, it dumped a giant display of mock sugar in Times Square to promote that its fruit snacks contain no added sugar but that some competing brands do.

Now, Kind is focusing on what it describes as the often chalky, synthetic tastes of bars with primary ingredients such as protein blends. Kind plans to send the first 10,000 people who sign up online one of four competing bars of their choosingQuest Peanut Butter Supreme, ThinkThin Lemon Delight, Clif Builder's Cookies 'N Cream or Power Crunch Red Velvetplus a Kind Protein bar to do their own taste tests.

There have also been more traditional in-person events. Earlier this month, 99 percent of taste-test participants in Miami and 93 percent of those sampling the products in Orange County, California chose the Kind Protein bar over a competing product, Nannis claims.

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