Sunday, December 3, 2023

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    RIP : Steve Jobs

    The world sadly commemorates the passing of Steve Jobs, a creative genius, and inventor. Some have compared him to Thomas Edison because of the number of industies Steve Jobs revolutionized.

    • The Music Industry
    • The Movie Industry
    • The PC Industry
    • The Telecommunications Industry
    • A heralding of  Post-PC Era

    Thomas Edison in comparison, only revolutionized 3-4 industries. The only challenge with comparing Steve with Edison is the timescale of the inventions. Edison has enjoyed innovation at a slower timescale resulting in having longer-lived inventions.

    Steven Jobs inventions unfortunately do not enjoy that, and its very possible that his legacy and design philosophies may not last long.  If there is anything that Apple management should retain as the market eagerly anticipates the next round of Apple projects, and that is to keep shifting the expectations of consumer electronics in their favour. This is only possible through ground-breaking innovation.


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