Sunday, December 3, 2023

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    Without a doubt, the brewing media outlet named “Wikileaks” has been getting hotter by the day.

    It should be protected by a global Ombudsman-type legislation possibly under the auspice of the UN and independently in each country by similar laws that ensure that governments remain transparent and open. In the US, the First Amendment should guarantee the rights of Wikileaks. Naturally the US government would like to re-interpret the First Amendment to its own terms. US citizens disagree as they learn more about where and how their tax-dollars are spent. Is their government for them or against them.  Sure, government administrations say that we require secrecy in diplomacy and deal-making, but the truth is that this secrecy is bad. Bad for the citizens of the world.

    Diplomatic secrecy and deal-making has led humanity into many wars. Even today, there are several ignition points for global conflict to occur. These are:

    • The Koreas – its face off between China vs USA via proxy nations. The last Korean way in the 1950s had 300-400k koreans killed. If Korean diplomats were smart, they should not hide the details of backroom deals shrouded in 4-6 nation talks. Open transparency is the way forward. Let’s look forward to peaceful re-unification.
    • Iran – Russia vs USA over middle east influence.
    • Rome – Islam vs Catholic power for supremecy over a century-old conflict. Should Rome suddenly fall thanks to a weak Italian military and a surging middle east, a sudden realisation and polarisation of world opinions could occur.

    So lets keep the backroom deals in the open, and politicians in check.

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