Sunday, November 27, 2022

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    Eyeballs are moving again

    Just in case you were a media monitoring company specifically focused on social media like Jamiq, or Brandtology, or Harro it is with deep regret that I announce that the social media fad is over.

    Bye bye to flaky social software and its time to usher in a new age of innovation and media gadgets. A fair number of these new tools are open-sourced, and community driven, some of these gadgets are now being built. The business models are different from that of those of the internet era.

    This is driven by the lack of patience, tolerance by media users of platforms like Twitter, Facebook, virtual worlds like Second Life, Twinity and other social platforms. Thus it’s time for the eyeballs to move. The question is to where? 🙂 In the meantime, most of us will have to tolerate these existing platforms, and fortunately media monitoring companies will still have a business.

    Brandtology as a company seems well positioned to weather the social media monitoring glut. This is mainly because they are a social media response company. They don’t just montior, they troll and respond to social media. It’s a tough job, but some mindless drone needs to do it in a monitoring centre in China. Perhaps this is part of the PAP’s strategy to neutralize public opinion. Thus is makes good reason why Lee Hsien Loong visited Brandtology’s offices in China, and also funded the company using government research funds.

    Well, well well… you have to leverage all tools to retain an edge, and any struggling incumbent brand will definitely clutch hopelessly at all straws of fading substance. So the point is that eyeballs are moving again, any brand still needs to evolve, and the battlefronts are shifting. The strategy has to change, and it is evident in how social media is evolving.

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