Friday, September 22, 2023

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    I have been observing the vibrant fervor of the launch of Brandtology in 4 countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Shanghai/HangZhou, Australia). Headed by a seasoned team of visionaries, funded by $2+M, revenues of $1+M, Brandtology looks poised to make waves in the social media monitoring arena.

    I briefly spoke to Eddie (the MD), and tried to leverage the experience and knowledge gained at Harro to assist Brandtology. (Maybe get a job with Brandtology *wink wink*), but it seems that the team at Brandtology are way ahead.

    No doubt, with seasoned social media veterans like Aaron Koh on board, we can only assume that Brandtology is on FIRE.

    So with an increasing number of players entering media monitoring, Harro is looking at evolving. So what have we learnt from all this?

    1. Make friends in the media community.
    2. Media is fragmented beyond your wildest dreams.
    3. Open source it. Community source it.
    4. Evolve.

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