Thursday, February 22, 2024

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    Google is going down…

    Despite the enthusiasm, or anxiety that the recent Google Chrome beta launch has created, I have to say that I am not thrilled with Google Chrome (yet).

    Some guys like Andrew, Jeremiah, or John (Mozilla) and countless others are saying that Chrome is going to improve this and that. My take is that Chrome is not a threat for now and Sergey is obviously downplaying that.

    So as Google fights a multi-front battle for markets, I suspect that unless something eye-popping comes out from Google, Google will be marginalized into oblivion. (ok, this is an extreme situation)

    So what are these multi-front battles?

    1. Google vs. Microsoft -Search,Browser, OS/Cloud, Applications
    2. Google vs. Nokia – Android
    3. Google vs.News Corp and other news organisations – Content
    4. Google vs You – small content providers

    At worst the Chrome browser helps to fragment the browser market and causes Microsoft to adhere to web standards. At best, Chrome’s integration into Gears, and the OS may lead to something sexy later on.

    What I am interested to see in Chrome is something that revives the Internet, promotes digital media consumption (or mobile media consumption), or facilitates the building of real-world integration. None of this is apparent in Chrome (just yet)

    A browser called Twinity is interesting. But hang on, isn’t that a virual world?! I would like to think of Twinity as a browser first, then a virtual world, followed by the concept of real world integration. The effects of such a browser/platform equates to more media consumption, a method of media integration into the real world, and hopefully a situation of contextual integration into real world items (like my furniture starts talking to the internet)

    Oh, Chrome is “fully” open sourced. Interesting…

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