Tuesday, May 30, 2023

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    AIMS – The Rally to Regulate Social Media

    Define it in anyway you want, but the purpose of AIMS and government interest in Social Media has never been how to make social media a better place for all. (Social media has existed comfortably for years all by itself, and it’s a global phenomena that is significantly much larger than the island government).

    AIMS agenda is on addressing how the existing government can attempt to retain a grip on the media. It’s fueled primarily with a self-driven focus on how to address, manage, neutralize and control social media. Why is this an issue with the Singapore government? Its because social media is creating unpredictable situations which the Singapore government has not been able to deal with yet. (also known as cyber-bullying of the government)

    But even as the recent AIMS website has launched it’s advisory council packed full of Singapore officials and government-linked partners, what is visibly lacking is the inclusion of the public. The friendlier, and more realistic representatives at NHB (Walter) and NLB (Ivan) have started talking about this.

    As governments and corporations struggle to get a grip on social media, the fragmenting platforms are slipping from their fingers. Meantime, the public has already moved on to anti-social media, which means that the very public social media will soon be invisible and then visible, and then invisible …. and will drive organisations like AIMS insane. (hey, its driving us nuts too)

    The cycle goes on driven by the demand for information. The only thing that remains constant through all this, and that is continual research and analysis, followed by continual engagement. That’s what Harro is good at. Talk to us soon.

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