Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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    SIA “bans” Blogging

    SIA has unveiled a portion of its employee guidelines with regards to blogging and internet usage. It’s statement is that it will “take action” against employees who violate this.

    A spokesman for SIA said “Singapore Airlines requires its employees to not post comments about work related issues on their personal blogs.”

    “The posting of images of the Airline’s logo, aircraft and trademark, pictures of the Airline’s training facilities or equipment, and materials detailing internal work processes, and safety and security measures are also not allowed.

    “This is to protect the privacy of customers and staff who will not have consented to their images or interactions with us being published.”

    Our comment on this issue is that organisations like SIA should still prepare for the unexpected. A containment strategy is nice, but it really needs to be backed by real media intelligence.

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