Thursday, February 22, 2024

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    The Social Effect of Obama

    People matter. Corporations and governments choose to ignore the effects of the internet and the people who make it a live, living ecosystem.

    Two recent events should make stakeholders of Singapore (or any country) take note. The malaysian elections, and now, the US elections. Based on the media vibes and social media vibes coming out from the USA, Harro would like to state today, that we predict that Obama will be the next president.

    This is a rare statement from Harro, and in general we avoid and do not make such statements without conclusive broadbased evidence.

    What drives us to make this statement is based on the methods of engagement that Obama has deployed to communicate with the American people. The internet has been a strong focus, and the social /communal support that his campaign is receiving is definitely an eye-opener.

    Traditionally, incumbent politicians have depended on “old money” or corporate support, but Obama is getting grassroots support. He is getting people to donate. He is getting people to convince friends and family to donate. Anyone who donates to Obama is in our opinion as good as voting for Obama.

    The results is a likelihood that Clinton will be bowing out of the democrat nomination, and a even tougher fight for McCain. If campaign financing is an indication of voter support, Obama is way ahead of both Clinton and McCain combined. With 91M in grassroot support vs the 37M and 22M raise by Clinton and McCain respectively.

    The mode of engagement by Obama is also very interesting. It’s not a splash. It’s not abrupt. It’s long haul rapport building using a combination of online ads and web media.

    This falls inline with the community building and viral influencing that social media represents. The ability to influence opinion is now in the hands of “many”. The evolution of media is reaching a point where people do matter.

    Moving ahead, monitoring the influence of the masses is going to be as critical as influencing them.

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