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    Harro Newsletter – June 2007

    – Technorati attempts to make the crossover from a blog tracking platform into a search engine. The result is a hazy uncertainty that is causing Technorati to flounder. So why did they do it? It’s highly likely that investors pushed them towards this. Having recevied USD20-30million (or more) in venture funding, the only way that investors would get a return is if Technorati was valued at USD300M or more. This means that Technorati needs to generate advertising revenues of USD3B or more. So the hasty push to be a YouTube and Search engine.

    – Google’s Universal Search : Fact or Myth? Can Google really provide you with the information you want? I think not.

    – You have probably read the EPIC story of Googlezon and the media grid.

    – Andrew Peters is definitely the leading man for Second Life in Singapore. Having set up office in Second Life and being in touch with Second Life management, Andrew finds that getting out there and doing it is better than talking about it.

    – Is the Web going 3D? Unlikely in the near future. The majority of netizens look to the web for information. This is best presented in 2D for now. However, virtual worlds will continue to gain traction because of the experiential value of the media. Although today’s computers are limited in ability to render 3D worlds, the next generation of computers are pre-configured with this capability.

    – You have heard of aggregation. What is Syndication? What is the difference? The primary difference is that aggregation is a result of a push. Syndication is the result of a pull. Aggregation usually aggregates noise. Syndication spends more time on content that matters.

    – Singapore’s Web 2.0 scene is still powered primarily by blogging. Its driven by self-interest, and people. Singapore’s total number of posts have increased 30% month-on-month. Web 2.0 has reached its peak in Singapore, and there are issues in getting people interested in what Web 2.0 means to Singaporeans. The reality is settling in fast, and that is it effectively means nothing for the Singapore market. There are a few interesting startups though.

    – The Singapore Firewall is becoming increasingly apparent. It has been setup for sometime, and its called a “transparent proxy” by computer folks. All Singapore web traffic passes through it. So even if you don’t have a proxy configured, your surfing habits are being logged.

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