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Two great events for socialmedialites, and that is BlogOut and Village Talks. Although i couldn’t attend both events, I found I could read all about it online. Isn’t the internet wonderful!

The event that I would like to focus on is Village Talks? Who?! Yes, you heard me, its Village Talks. If I remember correctly, this would be the result of efforts by Ridzuan, and I think its wonderful that VillageTalks has launched. Kudos to Ridzuan and team. Timing is great. (See Photos here)
I remember talking to Ridzuan some months ago, and he was pushing for a Web 2.0 conference type-of-thing, and at the peak of Web 2.0 hype in Singapore, it was indeed challenging to get more events going.

Now that the hype of Web 2.0 has passed in Singapore, we will see who is here to stay, and I strongly believe that Village Talks has staying power.

It was interesting to note the speakers Prof Ho, Paddy and Uzyn. In particular, it looks like Paddy of Bak2U is taking a more active role in entrepreneurship building. Kudos to Paddy.
In the meantime, I look forward to the next Village Talk.