Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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    I have been tracking for sometime, and I am pleasantly surprised to have NuffNang launch its Singapore site. Welcome to Ming & Timothy! and Harro looks forward to support you.

    The value proposition of NuffNang is good BTW. For all you VCs out there, I would invest in NuffNang. Why? Did you know that typically AdBrite takes a 30% cut from the PPC advertising revenues? Also did you know that in extreme cases, the % cut could be as high as 70-80%. The only challenge with NuffNang is that its going to take a sizable marketing budget to dislodge AdSense, AdBrite, and countless other ad networks out there.
    There are some things that NuffNang could improve on, is to have a nice little rectangle/square ad zone for Harro to use. 🙂
    On another note, its interesting to see how the more notable Web 2.0 startups in Singapore are operated by Malaysians! (nothing wrong with that) but it just shows how castrated the singaporean entrepreneur is. We can hurl insults at the singaporeans or the singapore establishment for creating a non-entrepreneurial environment, but the reality (proven by the evidence of a paltry number of Web 2.0 startups) is that “something” is not right about Singapore. It seems that even SG incubators can’t make it through the door. Fortunately the risk is still not too high for Malaysian entrepreneurs.

    Then again, who knows if, NuffNang, or other startups will make enough revenue to justify their existance. One thing I am sure, and that is we need to support each other. And then again, who knows when one or all of these rare new startups succeed.

    Cheers to success!

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