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Pacific West commented on an article by Greg Miller of Marketcom PR. Greg talks about how unmanageable the New Media 2.0, and really, with not much of a solution to address communications control. Pacific West then suggests that Google is the Media?

I disagree. “YOU” are the media, and that is the problem that PR professionals face. You are alive, you move, your think, you decide. The control that traditional media had over YOU is effectively broken.

Today, YOU have more choices of products, ideas, information, media than traditional media has ever offered. And even more media IS coming as media generation tools are being made available.

YOU are the media, not Google.

The reason why we suggest that Google is the media, is that Google seems to be the only reasonable party that can find YOU.

But the reality is that Google does a poor job in information search & delivery. Maybe 5 years ago, we would think Google was wonderful, but because of the increase in media noise, Google is getting CONFUSED. I find what I need on like page >5. Only YOU truely understand the media YOU want to consume.

And as all monopolies will face, there will be alternatives like Baidu, Hakia, Yahoo, Ask, and of course localised search engines. Watch for this, because the search engine market will segment eventually. It’s TOO lucrative for a single player.