Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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    The “Pay-per-Post” Plague

    I hate to break to our PayPerPosters, but Google has just declared war on “Pay-per-Post” and other paidpost networks by letting webmasters report “paid links”.


    The Rationale

    Just like the failed business model of User/Submitter which was quietly listed for sale on eBay for USD50K, even when it was a profitable venture, Pay-per-Post has similar issues.

    The business model of User/Submitter was to game digg the platform Digg, for which its very business depended upon. Its like a sailor digging a hole in a boat to get firewood. Eventually both the sailor and the boat sinks.

    Pay-per-post is causing similar issues for Google. The difference is that Google is a much larger boat, and pay-per-post is one of many ‘dumb’ sailors digging holes at different sections of the Google boat.

    It doesn’t mean that Pay-per-post is dead, or you won’t make money from PaidPosting as just like User/Submitter, PPP has revenue. But it means that the growth prospects of PPP is limited.

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