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    Harro Newsletter – April 2007

    – It seems 46% of the online population in Singapore have created blogs of their own, according to the latest MindShare research. We did our own calculations here.

    – So if nearly half the online population of Singapore are creating blogs then that must make Singapore a media-focused nation. But yet, we don’t see the Singapore exerting media influence across the world.

    – China’s figures which show a staggering 77% of its online population creating blogs. However the “Great Firewall of China” prevents netizen in or outside China from viewing alot of the opinions. Of course, if you know our mainland Chinese friends, they are definitely not short of an opinion.

    – So what is it about blogs that China has a love-affair with? A study conducted research on participants aged 15 to 35 across Singapore, China, India, Taiwan, Malaysia and Australia suggested that China’s youth were more eager  to express themselves freely in blogs than Singaporeans’ were.

    – So perhaps Singaporeans are limited by the “Great Firewall of the Mind”?

    – Forget about the recent negative press blogs have been receiving. Blogs are here to stay. Blogs are great tool for peer communications, establishing credibility, and much more… Blogs have the potential for the consumers to be engaged in a domain in which they can get educated, entertained, and more…

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