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E27 held an Entrepreneur 2.0 session at SMU. This has been a series of events to pull the tech-entrepreneur community together out from the sidealleys of Singapore and hopefully turn them into an economic force.

E27 featured presentations from lots of participants, most notably from James Seng, kindly hosted by Bernard and Gwen. Interesting comments came from Douglas Abrams on Web 3.0, and the importance of legal issues was highlighted by Bernard..

A few things we can still conclude is the lack of expertise, the lack of execution, and the lack on venture “risk-sharing” funding.

If we can get venture funding sorted out and reduce the risk in Web 2.0, I am sure there are qualified individuals who are willing to sort out the execution and find the expertise and bring deliver success.

Also look out for the next entrepreneurship event. Its happenning at Nexus2007. This event is the leading meeting of tech innovators in SE Asia. Come and OPEN YOUR MIND.