Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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    How many blogs are there in Singapore?

    As Harro lists all the blogs in Singapore, a question starts to pop up….

    “Just How many blogs are there in Singapore?”

    Currently, we sucked up all the bloggers listed in the various blog directories, and popular blogs, and we’re now moving out to other Singaporean blogs….

    Caslon discusses statistics taken in June06 with percentages of 3% in Britain and Denmark, 7% in the USA, 8% in France and speculations of 25% of people in South Korea having blogs. My guess is that only 1%-5% of Singaporeans have blogs, but its a figure that is growing rapidly. Taking the lower 1% limit, that would be 40000 people in Singapore. An alternative estimate is 175,000 blogs.

    This is based on an assumption that any self-respecting sudent would have a blog. Lets say only 50% of them do, and at 50K students per cohort, and 7 cohorts (where students only start blogging between Sec2 to Uni3), we should have a total number of

    “175000” blogs
    That’s alot of blogs….

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