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Harro!, I went to Barcamp (Singapore) on Saturday organised by Chandra of Pinko Marketing. It was an amazing event driven by youthful Singaporeans with a vision to drive innovation in Singapore.

My take away from barcamp is:

1) EPIC Presentation by Text100 – Carol of Text100 showed a presentation of PR Media issues facing corporations today. Although the presentation is dated 2005, the projections it makes are interesting with Google taking control of global media driven by an ecosystem of media affiliates.

2) RSSfwd – I met Choonkeat of RSSfwd who has an interested service sending RSS posts to people via email. Somehow, I never quite figured RSSfwd out, but its was great to see this aspect of the demand of information.

3) Ruby on Rails – The coolest geeks are toying with Ruby. The language Ruby is less technically demanding, and Rails provides a strong MVC structure. However, the Ruby engine is a little challenged on performance.

There were lots of other interesting presentations especially in mobile applications, portal management and interesting business plans….