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    Harro Newsletter – Oct 2006

    – This month we saw alot of activity on the Internet.

    – Google buys YouTube for USD1.65b! Notice the little “b”. That makes the
    difference between shopping and being ludicrous. As a video distribution company, it is non-profitable, has potential copyright infringements issues. So what is Google’s gameplan? Mining Video for profit via advertising, and user created content. YouTube had no path-to-profitability. However, Google’s partnership might make all the

    – SPH overhauls is Asia1 website … for the worse. Usability drops.

    –  Dennis Wee vs. Shu-Min Wee Fiasco. Wee Shu Min gets flamed out of the internet. Her father, who spoke in her support was flamed out too. Whatever the case, Shu Min is now grounded from using the internet.

    – Social Media Traffic is getting popular. Advocated by internet marketeers, this fad is fueled by advertising revenues. However this is creating a new problem in managing the conversations being generated. The internet marketing fad might fade, but it has accustomed netizens to speak openly about anything from their personal lives to product experiences to political views and more…

    – Growing your “eyeball farm” is increasingly important. As the volume of media grows, your organisation needs to proportionally engage this media.

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