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By George, Schweitzer’s leaving CBS

After putting in a quarter-century as the head of CBS’s marketing efforts, George Schweitzer has begun mapping out his final campaign. The network’s marketing director will step down from his post at the end of the 2019-20 broadcast season, whereu…

Life is like a stack of martech

Scott Brinker shares his views on the state of martech across different organizations and the eight p’s of martech.

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Marketing in the value exchange economy

The marketer’s job specification used to be a little more straightforward. Buyer personas would be crafted, innovative campaigns were created and personalization was powered by masses of data points aggregated from all manner of third-party sources.&nb…

NBCU soars into streaming wars with Peacock

Taking inspiration from its longstanding logo, Comcast-owned NBC Universal (NBCU) has unveiled its streaming service dubbed Peacock.
The service, which will launch in April 2020 ahead of the Summer Olympics, will feature 15,000 hours of content – inclu…